How to play

“The sword of IANNA” is a game for the ZX Spectrum 128k (any 128k model) and MSX2 computers. These computers were created in the 80s. Both versions can be freely downloaded, and we have created physical releases in a cartridge.

You can play in different ways, choose the one that better suits you.

With the original cartridge

If you have the machine and our cartridge, it is as easy as connecting the cartridge with your computer powered off, and then turn it on. Remember that you must power off your computer before you disconnect the cartridge.

On a modern system

Of course, if you want to play the game on a modern system (PC Windows, Linux, MAC, iPad, Android tablet, etc.) you will need  an emulator of the machine the game has been designed for.

  • Download the game, selecting one of the systems (ZX Spectrum or MSX2).
  • Find an emulator of that machine for your modern system and install it.
  • Run the emulator and load the game.
  • You may need to change some parameters in your emulator, such as the computer model (48k, 128k, MSX1, MSX2, etc.) or the control type (map keys to joystick controls, or configure a game pad).


If you have a Spectrum +3 and a disk you just have to download the ZX Spectrum version and save the DSK contents.

On your own ZX Dandanator! Mini

If you have a ZX Dandanator! Mini you can program its EEPROM with the cartridge version, and play with it as if it was one of our cartridges.

On a ZX-UNO, DIVIDE or similar

Download the ESXDOS version and save it on a new directory on your device’s SD card. Then, just run “LOADER”.